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Recording your performance in benchmark workouts is a great way to track your fitness. Our benchmark tracker charts your improvement over time to show you how far you've come.

  • A sample chart showing improvement in a 1 rep max clean and jerk over time.

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Latest PRs

Ethan Young - 12/19/2017
CrossFit Aether
Overhead Squat - 3RM: 195 lbs

Ethan Young - 12/16/2017
CrossFit Aether
Deadlift - 3RM: 300 lbs

Ethan Young - 12/2/2017
CrossFit Aether
Power Clean - 1RM: 230 lbs

Ethan Young - 8/5/2017
CrossFit Aether
Isabel: 6:04

Amanda Pieczynski - 6/26/2017
Crossfit Teneo
Back Squat - 1RM: 320 lbs

Fitness Benchmarks

Top fitness benchmarks ranked by the number of athletes tracking their progress for the benchmark.

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