Service Overview

What's this all about?

A woman performing walking lunges with a barbell on her back and a man performing overhead walking lunges.

Our Mission

Give athletes worldwide the chance to compete against other athletes of a similar ability level, year round, on their own schedule.

How will we do that? Read on. If the information below doesn't answer your questions, send us an email at

Competitions Starting Continuously

Competitions will be scheduled as frequently as possible while ensuring a broad field of competitors. Registration will remain open until one week after the start of competition, with no maximum.

Registration for the following competition will open as soon as registration for the current competition closes. We hope you will be able to join a competition that starts within a couple weeks, any time of year.

A woman midway through snatching a barbell.
A man doing double unders.

Competition Format

Competitions will be comprised of four workouts that will be announced at the beginning of each competition. Athletes will then have three weeks to complete and submit scores for all workouts.

Athletes may complete the workouts at any location, on their own schedule, in any order they choose. Athletes may repeat the workouts as many times as they want. Only the best score for each workout counts.


Each competition will target a single division with movements and prescribed weights that are appropriate to that division. This way athletes can challenge themselves, and compete against other athletes of similar ability.

We plan on adding more divisions based on demand so let us know what you want to see! Masters? Youth? Beast Mode?

Athletes should be familiar with common exercise movements, including the Olympic lifts. The prescribed weights for barbell movements will be appropriate for beginners. Movements will not include pull ups, double unders, handstand pushups, etc.
The prescribed weights for barbell movements will be appropriate for intermediate to advanced athletes. Male and female athletes should be comfortable doing pull ups in a workout. If included, advanced movements like muscle ups or handstand pushups will be toward the end of a workout so that intermediate athletes can still post a score.
Athletes using rowing machines.

Online Score Submission

Scores for all workouts must be submitted online by the deadline set for that competition. Before receiving prize money, winning athletes must provide a video of each workout adhering to the specified standards. Videos can be posted online through YouTube or Vimeo and a link to the video emailed to